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Spiritual Surgery & Toxicity Release


If you are looking for a healer look no further Mannaz can help with any conditions that may be affecting you and has a good success rate this is because mannaz is a channel for spiritual doctors, surgeons and technicians to work through him.

This is not psychic surgery where the surgeon works on the physical body, the way in which this works is on the etheric body this is the physical bodies blueprint, from this energetic level any changes made here that spirit doctors do manifests into the physical body sometimes straight away. The patient feels no pain at all.

Mannaz works with several different spirit doctors and surgeons a list follows below, The operations are carried out at speeds of up to 10x faster than a physical operation and can be done in person or from a distance. A 25 minute spiritual operation would be equal to over 4 hours in a physical operating room.

Spirit doctors and surgeons know everything about you and also what the best method of treatment is there are no side effects from this surgery.

Mannaz works with the following surgeons and doctors but also works with a hidden team of spirit helpers who work in the background much like what you would find in a hospital theatre these spirit helpers do not identify themselves and are usually seen only as a body no face will be visible the only faces i will see are the doctor or surgeon perfoming the actual operation he or she are the ones who do the actual work and they also speak directly to me so i can pass on extra information to you regarding the surgery.

My own spirit guide Dr Henry Lister this guide has been in the family for more than one generation my father had this doctor with him on many occassions and would always talk to him during the night. This Doctor is one of my own guides now and has made a physical appearance to me during a time when i had bronchial pneumonia he also appeared with an Angel and both stood at the foot of my bed.

This Doctor is a good general all rounder he used to work in a victorian hospital and worked on the front line similar to accident and emergency in our day and age.

The next spirit person i work with is of chinese descent and is called Choi Tan Dr Choi Tan works on the Muscular system and skin conditions and often find him appearing when a client has back problems although he works on a wide range of conditions. he appears to me with a happy caring disposition and wears a surgical hat. He is from the chinese metropolis.

The next spirit doctor is called Adam he was one of the first to work with me and his preference is to work on the bones and the skeletal system this doctor is quite tall and slim in appearance he is white african and used to work as a doctor in Africa when he was on the earth plane.

The next doctor is called Sam, he used to work as a dentist before the main anaesetics were introduced this doctor is British descent he gives me a time line of 1800s

I also have a female doctor who works with me called Doctor Patel this doctor specializes in womens troubles she is a gynochologist and also works with peadiatrics

More recently i have also had another doctor / surgeon come through who works specifically on blood disorders and diseases like HIV  and Hepititis.

All Doctors and Surgeons that work through me have studied in the halls of learning on the spiritual realms and have decided to help people and continue there love of medicine and healing Mannaz has a team of at least 17 Technicians that have come in to help to date.

Questions and Answers

Q. Where will the healing take place?

A. The Healing can take place anywhere you like it is your healing session and you can choose to have a one to one session or a distance healing.

 Q. Will I feel anything during the session?

A.  No you won't feel any physical pain at all however you may feel sensations of heat or coldness or numbness in or around the area being worked on.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. No there is no side effects because the healing is being carried out on the 5th layer of the etheric template, the spiritual body not the physical body once the work has been completed on this level changes will manifest into the physical body sometimes instantly. A healing crisis may occur after surgery this will not last long and is nothing to be worried about it is your body clearing toxins out symptoms could include nausea, sweating, diahorea, vomiting, not everyone will get any symptoms however if you do get any it will only be one or 2 and is a positive sign that the healing process is manifesting down from the etheric template. Should it happen you should just rest and drink plenty of water to flush your system, once you come out of the healing crisis you will feel great,

Q. Are there any rules that i need to obay during the surgery?

A. Yes you will need to keep very still if mannaz is doing a distant healing it is always done during the night when the client is asleep.

Q. Will i see anything during the surgery?

A. If you have clairvoyant sight then yes you will certainly see the work being carried out and this can be amazing to watch however if you do not have clairvoyant sight then Mannaz will be able to explain everthing to you either during the session or once the session has been completed he will explain who worked on you, what was done, what tools were used during the proceedure and any guides who make themselves present. Sometimes passed over relatives can stand in at times to observe the proceedure if this happens you will be told who came through and what messages they passed on to you.

Q. Do you hold any Qualifications?

A. Yes Mannaz has completed the Zenna Healing advanced training and Initialization program Level 2 Mannaz is also a Past life therapist helping clients to recall past lives and is a professional Hypnotherapist and Parapsychologist Mannaz is also a Reiki Master and Teacher and also Trained with the school of natural health sciences for a diploma in Accupressure passing with the highest grade the school has awarded.

Mannaz also holds Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Metaphysics specializing in Metaphysical Parapsychology and has trained under some of the best teachers in their particular field in many metaphysical subjects.

Spiritual surgery distant healing session

£ 25.00 

This is for a distant healing spiritual surgery session you will be emailed shortly after payment to arrange a suitable time and day for your convinience for the surgery to begin please note that this is for one session only some people may only need one session if your in doubt about how many sessions that you need please email mannaz before purchase. Thankyou

Full course of treatment maximum of 3 sessions spiritual surgery distant healing

£ 60.00 

If you are unsure about how many sessions you may need i would strongly recommend that you go for this option as this option will give you up to a maximum of 3 sessions you would need no more this is the maximum sessions that you can have so you are assured that once purchased the full course of surgery would be enough to see you through. this does not include toxic release it is just for the surgery

Spiritual surgery with toxic release distant healing sessions

£ 90.00 

This option is for a maximum of 3 sessions of spiritual surgery distant healing with one session of toxic release overall this is the prefered option as it removes the toxins that probably caused the illness in the first place it is always better to remove the root cause that just work on the symptoms.

One to one personal healing session

£ 60.00 

This option is for a one to one live surgery session and includes the toxic release please note that you must live in cornwall for this session, if you prefer a live surgery session and dont live in cornwall it is still possible but fuel costs and expenses would be incurred depending on the traveling distance.

Spiritual surgery training

£ 250 

If you like the idea of helping others, then why not train to do the spiritual surgery work yourself, it is very rewarding when you work with your own spiritual team you will learn many aspects to this work including how to recognise your spiritual surgeon/s the best way to invite them into your auric space to commence surgery, and lots more once you learn how to do this in the right way you will be rewarded for life both financially and emotionally no other job gives you more satisfaction than this. so if you have that desire to rise above the rest and do something different then now is the time to act. this course can either be taken live in a workshop environment or by distant learning whatever you prefer depending on the distance of travel.
for more information on the course please email mannaz

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Toxicity Release

At all stages in our life we absorb compounds and chemicals that are toxic to our system, there are four main ways they enter our body.

Through the air we breath, through the water or liquid we drink, the food we eat, or through direct contact with the skin

Here are some common sources of toxic materials

Heavy metals - mercury, aluminium, residues, sprays, paints, cleaners, hairsprays, caffeine,nicotine, direct or passive intake, alchohol, toothpaste, mouthwash, artificial colourings, hormone contraceptive treatments, chemotherapy ( the most toxic of all ) air pollution, car fumes, smoke, amalgam in fillings, teflon - cooking ware, antibiotics, these are just a few. you are bombarded all day long with toxicity no wonder you feel ill.

Now there is a powerful technique that helps to remove these toxins from the body and aid in recovery especially after cancer treatments.

Treatment is similar to spiritual surgery where a spirit surgeon works through the practitioner enabling surgery to be carried out on the 5th spiritual body known as the etheric template.

However toxicity release can take longer as it involves 40 minute treatment on the spine ( this only needs to be done once ) after this has been done Mannaz will invite the spiritual sweep technician ( similar to a surgeon ) into his own auric field from there the sweep technician can work on the client.

Mannaz places his hands on the ankles and the process begins, it involves sending a wave of very powerful electric blue energy up the body, as the sweep progresses a fountain of toxic material is forced out of the crown chakra at an energetic level. the toxic cocktail is then collected and disposed of by spirit. much time is spent clearing toxicity from the ankles, the hips including the digestive system and the shoulders.

It is recommended that after the sweep you remain still for a while it may be necessary to repeat this process every three weeks or so.

The sweep requires huge amounts of spiritual energy and when there is lots of toxicity 
present they use the spiritual equivalent of about one thousand megawatts of energy at
other times it might be as low as two hundred megawatts in human terms this is the
equivalent energy consumption of a very large city.

Toxic release 1st session includes full consultation and 40 minute spiritual surgery on the spine £60.00

follow on sessions maximum 3 sessions £45.00 per session or if paying in full at time of booking a 20% discount will be applied making the full course of therapy as little as £156.00 in total.


Spiritual surgery practitioners provide a form of healing that is truly holistic and takes into account the emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well as those of the physical body, therefore spiritual surgery may or may not produce the results that you expect this does not in any way negate its effectiveness.

Spiritual surgery practitioners are ( Invariably ) lay people without any medical training as such they are unable to diagnose or offer medical advice.

Spiritual surgery is not intended to replace any medical treatment you may be presently recieving merely treat it as one that assists the healing process.

Spiritual surgery is not involved in any way with guidance or the clearing of past life issues, karmic debt, or emotional / energy blocks.

Spiritual surgery is a new form of healing currently being made available for the betterment of everyone. it does not discriminate in any way and works in harmony with divine law and fully supports the individuals rights to free will and personal responsibility.

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